Event Contributors

TEDxQUT thanks those who have made an exceptional and generous contribution to our amazing events. Without contributions from these companies and individuals, our event wouldn't be the unique experience that we have come to know.

2021 Individual Contributions

Amy Jackson | Speaker Coach

Amy Jackson is an inspirational speaker, coach and trainer. She utilises current understandings of how the brain works to help young professionals think strategically, communicate effectively and create opportunities to achieve their potential. She is an energetic, enthusiastic speaker with a remarkable talent for highly specific support and effective feedback that facilitates real change for speakers.

w. http://amyjackson.net/

f. https://www.facebook.com/AmyJacksonNurturingConfidence

Mark Creyton | Speaker Coach

Mark is a facilitator, program designer and strategic consultant. He works with a range of approaches to facilitate possibilities for organisations, universities and communities. He has a particular interest in collective impact, social innovation, emergent facilitation, and adaptive leadership and has led a range of programs and initiatives in these fields across a wide variety of sectors and contexts.

Sally Prosser | Speaker Coach

Sally Prosser is a voice and public speaking coach with a background in TV news reporting and PR - acting as spokesperson for Queensland's largest water company. She works with some of Australia's top journalists and broadcasters, as well as executives and business owners. Last year she was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for PR & Media in Queensland and has a TikTok following of more than 300-hundred thousand.

w. https://www.sallyprosser.com.au/

f. https://www.facebook.com/SallyProsserVoice/

i. https://www.instagram.com/sallyprosservoice/

Emerson Domingo Jr | Graphics and Design

Emerson is a Senior Marketing Specialist with ADAQ. He collaborates with various departments throughout the organisation, industry partners, and interstate branches to deliver print and digital content, helping 4000+ members take their practice to the next level. His areas of focus are graphic design, web design, photography, videography, and motion graphics.

When he's not doing that, he volunteers with the Advertising Council of Australia's Youngbloods, which creates opportunities for young people to break into the marketing and advertising industry. Over the years, he has been engaged by brands like T2 Tea, Youfoodz, and Brisbane City Council.

l. https://au.linkedin.com/in/edomingojr

2021 Suppliers

Twisted Pair Productions | AV and Technical Services

Twisted Pair Productions is a Brisbane based production company formed in 2005. They provide audio engineering services and a wide range of equipment hire. Twister Pair Productions deliver an exceptional high quality service and are able to cater to individual needs and user experiences.

w. https://twistedpairproductions.com.au/

UniPromo | Merchandising

UniPromo provide promotional products specifically designed for promoting the education industry. Promotional Products are everywhere - in your kitchen, on your desk, at open days, at the shopping centre - there's probably even one hiding under your bed! The team at Unipromo help put them there. The Team love firing up their imaginations to create amazing ideas that will make your brand conquer!

w. http://www.unipromo.com.au/

Words With Heart | Notebooks

Words With Heart is an eco-friendly print and stationery social enterprise that funds education projects for women and girls and every purchase made helps to fund female education. They are partnered with some of the world's best NGO's in this space, funding projects across Africa and Asia, including primary and secondary education, and also business and skills training. All products are made sustainably, using 100% recycled paper and sustainable stocks, eco inks and green electricity.

w. https://wordswithheart.com/

The Print Bar | T Shirts

The Print Bar is a full-service custom print studio focused on bringing your ideas and creativity into the real world. They take pride in making quality customised items for every cause, every story and every body!

w. https://www.theprintbar.com/