Protecting children is everybody’s business | Bob Lonne

We've heard the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' but does it also take a village to protect a child? Bob Lonne talks us through the current state of child protection and how building up community around children and families, by making it everyone's business, could lead to better outcomes in the future.

Bob Lonne (PhD) has extensive experience as a social worker in various child protection and youth justice roles in Queensland and West Australia. Professor Lonne has researched, written and consulted widely about the systemic issues confronting contemporary approaches to protecting children. His work combines academic rigour with a hands-on understanding of the practice realities in this complex area. He co-authored Reforming Child Protection and his research has examined media portrayals, informal care systems, kinship care, differential response, mandatory reporting, workforce issues and ethical practice in child welfare interventions. He has provided high level advice to governments in Australia, Canada and Ireland on how to refocus child welfare systems to achieve better outcomes for children, families and communities.