The power of extraordinary women | Chiquita Searle

Have you ever ask yourself what you would regret not doing by the age of 50? Chiquita Searle has and the answer she found altered the course of her life.
Taking the path-less-trodden, in 2011, after a successful eight-year long stint in HR and Recruitment for the construction and mining industries, Chiquita felt a strong pull in another direction and so followed her heart to France where she studied at the Paris Fashion Institute before launching her own fashion label “Chi the Label” (rebranded “Chiquita”) the following year.
Hand-picked from dozens of wishful candidates to launch the League’s first Queensland branch as their QLD Crusader in August 2012, within twelve months Chiquita was offered the opportunity to relocate to Melbourne and take on the role as the League’s General Manager to oversee the group’s national growth. Now in 9 locations within Australia, the League of Extraordinary Women is Australia’s largest and fastest growing movement of driven and dynamic female entrepreneurs.