How Hollywood can save math education | Michael Milford

Mathematical and scientific illiteracy costs both individuals and society dearly. Michael Milford thinks we can solve our declining mathematical and science standards by blowing stuff up. He is using the books, video games and junky Hollywood blockbusters teenagers consume every day to get them excited about mathematics.

Michael Milford is the founding director of the Math Thrills initiative and a QUT Associate Professor, and Chief Investigator for the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. He is currently in the process of launching his Math Thrills company, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Math Thrills aims to stealthily embed key mathematical and scientific concepts throughout mass media entertainment including books, games and movies, and to enable educators to teach to that material. When he isn't trying to revolutionize how we learn math he leads a research group that uses neuroscience discoveries to create new algorithms and technologies for robotics, specializing in the area of robotic and personal navigation systems.