2014 Speaker

Dr Bernie Warren

Tedx Talk | View Dr Bernie Warren's TEDx talk here

Bernie Warren, Ph.D, is Professor of Drama in Education and Community in The School of Dramatic Art at the University of Windsor a post he has held since 1992. Since 1975 he has worked in clinical, educational and community settings worldwide and has held various University positions in both Drama/Theatre and Psychology for nearly 35 years.

Dr. Warren has studied Eastern healing and Martial Arts for 40+ years. Since 1986 he has taught Qigong and Tai Chi to people with life threatening & life changing conditions and to people simply wishing to remain healthy! Currently he is working with Dr. Cheri McGowan investigating the benefits of seated Qigong for seniors with dementia and mobility problems.

He is an internationally respected researcher and teacher on the role of the arts in healthcare and education and the author of numerous books and articles including, Using the Creative Arts in Therapy and Healthcare and, with Dr Peter Spitzer, ‘Smiles Are Everywhere: Integrating Clown-Play into Healthcare Practice’.

In addition to his University position Bernie is also the Founder of FOOLS FOR HEALTH award winning Clown-Doctor and Elder-Clown programs and for 10 years worked in hospitals and healthcare facilities as Dr. Haven’t-a-Clue.