2018 Speaker

Matt Hsu

website | https://obscureorchestra.com/
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Matt Hsu is multi-instrumentalist, QMusic Award nominated musician and emerging composer. In 2016, he conceived of one-person orchestra project Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra where he has collaborated music with international artists Tenzin Choegyal (Tibet), Kenta Hayashi (Japan) and Queensland harpist Janita Billingham. Steeped in world music since childhood, Matt creates multi-layered compositions that draw on his immigrant roots to explore the grey areas between cultures. Enamoured with traditional instruments from around the world, Matt collects and learns to add to his repertoire – including shakuhachi, furulya, trumpet, accordion, mbira, trombone, marimba, clarinet, ocarina, banjo, double bass, t’rung and tubular bells.