2018 Speaker

Hugh Brown

website | http://www.huge.id.au/
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Hugh has a PhD in how to be a rock star. He wakes up every day with music in his soul, yet has made his living as a journalist, public servant, project manager, farm labourer, cleaner, QUT educator, and researcher. He has played almost every kind of music in pubs, clubs, festivals, theatres, and studios. He has released 5 albums and a few singles via his own record label, Hugemusic, across a diversity of musical genres. He nonetheless has never been able to kick the need for a day job to support his family.

Hugh’s role as Brisbane Regional Coordinator for the Australian Songwriters Association has cemented his belief that every sound has a rhythm and every experience has a lyric. Driven by a commitment to collaborative expression and shared reward, his passion is to change our culture so that creative expression is as financially viable as the lives and work that inspire it. His Cultural Economics research has identified gaps in the value proposition of arts and culture that prevent the Arts Community from sustaining their lives via their creativity. He created a not-for-profit company called Arts and Culture Clubs Australia to fill the void.